Aconcagua Normal Route

Details of the

Aconcagua Normal Route Expeditions

The Horcones Valley is used to approach the normal route, and the lower part is used as the initial approach to the routes of the south face.

This approach begins at the Horcones Lake, here is a park rangers office, who will check your permit and hand over litter bags; the trekking begins here.

Until you reach the west bank of the Horcones River that rapidly crosses to the east bank across a footbridge and the trail stays on this side for 8 Km, which is the point where the Inferior Horcones River joins the Superior Horcones River.

The Inferior Horcones River is crossed through a footbridge, as soon as you cross this second bridge you must turn left to reach Confluencia.

You can pass Confluencia turning right after you cross the second bridge. The trail stays on the east side of the Horcones River, passing a wet meadow, followed by Piedra Grande. At 12 Km from Confluencia enters from the right the Quebrada del Sargento Mas. Passing this point we find Playa Ancha. The Ibañez campsite is found at the end of Playa Ancha.

Colombia refuge which is destroyed construction, it might be necessary to make at least 5 vados. Then the trail makes a continuos ascent of 2 Km. (the rough ascent) up to the new Plaza de Mulas.

Plaza de Mulas is the traditional base camp of the Normal Route. The Refuge Hotel is found at 1 Km. west from Plaza de Mulas.

Day 1 – Arrival to Mendoza

  • Transport from the airport to a hotel in the city of Mendoza. Lodging at a 3 star hotel with breakfast included.

  • Day 2 – Mendoza-Puente del Inca

  • Transport from the hotel to Penitentes. Lodging at the los Penitentes hostel for 1 night. Including rooms with private bathroom and hot water. With half board (brekfast and dinner)

  • Day 3 – Puente del Inca-Confluencia

  • Transport from Penitentes to Horcones (park entrance , normal route) walk from Horcones to Confluencia. We spend our first night camping, B L D.

  • Day 4 – Confluencia

  • To maximise our chances on the mountain acclimatisation is the key, we spend the day resting and trekking in the area. Our trek takes us back to the bridge over the Lower Horcones River and then up the valley to visit the Horcones Glacier, from here we have spectacular views of Aconcagua’s South face  towering (4100 mts) above us. Return to Confluencia camp 3320m, B L D.

  • Day 5 – Confluencia-Plaza de Mulas

  • Leaving Confluencia we trek up to Plaza de Mulas 4200m, our base camp for the Aconcagua Normal Route expeditions .  B L D.

  • Day 6 – Plaza de Mulas

  • Again to maximise our chances on the mountain today is an acclimatisation day in the base camp the Aconcagua Normal Route, climbers are free to relax or explore the surrounding area in the base camp , B L D.

  • Day 7 – Plaza de Mulas-Canada-Plaza de Mulas

  • Today we have to move our equipment to ‘Camp 1′ otherwise known as Canada Camp at 4877m.  and back to Plaza de Mulas where we camp, B L D.

  • Day 8 – Plaza de Mulas

  • The rest of our time climbers are free to relax or explore the surrounding area, B L D.

  • Day 9 – Plaza de Mulas-Canada

  • Today we leave base camp Plaza de Mulas and trek up to ‘Camp 1′ (4877m) , B L D.

  • Day 10 – Canada-Nido de Condores-Canada

  • We continue our ascent carrying our equipment to ‘Camp 2′ 5365m also known as Nido de Condores,  we then return to ‘Camp 1′ for the night, B L D.

  • Day 11 – Canada-Nido de Condores

  • Once again we climb to ‘Camp 2′ , in the afternoon there is time to relax or explore the surrounding area, B L D.

  • Day 12 -Nido de Condores-Colera

  • Leaving ‘Camp 2′/Nido de Condores we climb with our equipment to ‘Camp 3′ (5950m).  B L D.

  • Day 13 – Summit Aconcagua Normal Route

  • We leave camp early in the morning on our journey to the Aconcagua  Summit, our ultimate goal at 6960m or 22,841ft. Before descending by the same route to ‘Camp 3′  B L D.

  • Day 14 – Extra Day

  • Spare day for a second summit ascent if necessary due to poor weather conditions, B L D.

  • Day 15 – Extra Day

  • Spare day for a second summit ascent if necessary due to poor weather conditions, B L D.

  • Day 16 – Colera-Plaza de Mulas

  • Following the same route we descend to Plaza de Mulas base camp, where we repack our equipment for the mules to carry. Our descent should take around 5 to 6 hrs., B L D

  • Day 17 – Plaza de Mulas-Mendoza

  • The mules go ahead with our equipment as we continue the last leg of our climb back to the park entrance where we are then transferred back to our comfortable hotel in Mendoza. Tonight we can fully appreciate our hotel as we relax and celebrate our climb, B D.

  • Day 18 – End Tour

  • Our tour finishes after breakfast with a transfer to the airport, B.

  • Included Services

  • Transport airport Hotel Mendoza airport.

  • Two (2) nights lodging at Hotel (tourist class) in Mdz. Downtown, double room with continental breakfast included.

  • Assistance with the procedures to obtain the permit to enter the Aconcagua Provincial Park.

  • One (1) nights at Penitentes Hotel double rooms with dinner and continental breakfast included.

  • Transportation to Horcones Lake to start the approach trek to the mountain.

  • Mules for load transportation from Puente del Inca to Plaza de Mulas and back.

  • Meals and drinks at Confluencia Camp, two (2) nights in total, including cook and all meals.

  • Meals, drinks and Base Camp Service at Plaza de Mulas Base Camp. Including: Private Mess Tent with tables and benches, dishes, all meals served,electric light.

  • Permanent radio communication with Mendoza

  • High Mountain Guide.

  • Pots, stoves, fuel, food and tents above Base Camp.

  • VHF radio to get permanent communication with Base Camp.

  • Permanent technical advise about personal equipment before your departure.


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