Aconcagua Acclimatization

Vallecitos – Acclimatization Mount Aconcagua Expeditions. Argentina

THIS EXPEDITIONS VALLECITOS ACONCAGUA BEGINS IN VALLECITOS, at the base of the Cordon del Plata. This route is used as an acclimation to climb Aconcagua. After the ascent of Cerro El Plata 6,000 meters, begins expedition to Aconcagua.

Itinerary El Plata-Aconcagua

DAY 1. Reception at the airport and transport to the hotel in Mendoza city.

Arrival in Mendoza airport, transfer to the hotel in Mendoza. 1 night lodging. Breakfast and dinner included.
This service includes breakfast and dinner in a restaurant in Mendoza.
1st meeting with the Aconcagua guide, discussion of the Aconcagua expedition.

DAY 2. Mendoza – Refuge Ski Club (2.500 mts)

Transport from the hotel to the permit office. (Ascension permits are not included)
Transport from the permit office to Vallecitos.
Arriving to the Refuge Ski Club near noon.
Breakfast and dinner included.

DAY 3. Refuge Ski Club – Sist. La Cadenita (C° Arengares, Lomas Blancas, C° Estudiantes, C° Caucaso, C° Iluso – 4.000 mts.)

After breakfast we head for Sistema La Cadenita.
This service includes a box lunch for the walking, a snack in the afternoon, and dinner on our way back to the refuge Ski Club.

DAY 4. Refuge Ski Club– Camp I (Piedra Grande 3.400 mts)

– Beginning of the trekking. Go up to Piedra Grande and stay.
– After breakfast we walk to Camp 1 (Piedra Grande).
This service includes box lunch for the walk and a snack and dinner on the mountain.

DAY 5. Camp 1 – Camp 2 (Salto de Agua 4150 mts)

In the morning we leave Camp 1 for Camp 2 (Salto de Agua 4150 mts).
This service includes box lunch for the walk and a snack and dinner on the mountain.

DAY 6. Camp 2 – Summit C° El Plata (6100 mts) – Camp 2

Go up to the summit and return to El Salto base camp.
This day includes box lunch for the walk and a snack and dinner on the mountain.

DAY 7. Camp 2 – Sky Club – Penitentes

The way back. We will head for the Ski Club (Vallecitos), there will be a transport waiting for us to take us to the hotel in Penitentes.
This day includes box lunch for the walk, Night in Penitentes, for acclimatization. Breakfast and dinner.

Day 8. Confluencia

We transfer up to the park Aconcagua entrance, 2820m, where our permits are checked. Our equipment is loaded on the mules for the journey to Plaza de Mulas (Aconcagua Base Camp). We say goodbye to motorized transport and set off on our trek, it’s a 2.5 – 3.5 hr trek up to our first camp at Confluencia 3320m where the Horcones and the Lower Horcones Rivers meet. We spend our first night camping, B L D.

Day 9. Plaza de Mulas

Leaving Confluencia we trek up to Plaza de Mulas 4200m, our base camp for the expedition. Our trek will take around 7 to 8 hrs as we follow the Horcones valley up, as we climb the valley it widens out and the last remnants of vegetation disappears. We have use of the eco-toilet/shower at our camp, B L D.

Day 10: Plaza de Mulas

Again to maximise our chances on the mountain today is an acclimatisation day, climbers are free to relax or explore the surrounding area, B L D.

Day 11: (Camp 1): Plaza de Mulas

Today we have to move our equipment to ‘Camp 1’ otherwise known as camp Canada at 4877m. carrying our equipment its slow going zig-zaging up to our camp, a climb of around 6 to 7 hrs up and back to Plaza de Mulas where we camp, B L D.

Day 12: Camp 1

Today we leave Plaza de Mulas and trek up to ‘Camp 1’ (4877m) once again with the remainder of our equipment. The climb today is again a tough one where good hydration is very important at this stage of the climb. Today should take around 3 to 4 hrs with the remainder of the day to rest, B L D.

Day 13: Camp 1

We continue our ascent carrying our equipment to ‘Camp 2’ 5365m also known as Nido de Condores, a large gravel strew plateau with a scattering of large rocks and boulders. Our climb today should take around 3 to 3.5hrs, we then return to ‘Camp 1’ for the night, B L D.

Day 14: Camp 2

Once again we climb to ‘Camp 2’ with the remainder of our equipment, this should take around 3hrs, in the afternoon there is time to relax or explore the surrounding area, B L D.

Day 15: Camp 3

Leaving ‘Camp 2’/Nido de Condores we climb with our equipment to ‘Camp 3’ also known as Berlin Camp 5950m. our climb today is at an easy pace and should take around 2.5 – 3hrs. on arrival it is important to keep active/busy to help with acclimatisation, B L D.

Day 16: Summit Day

We leave camp around 6 am this morning on our journey to the summit, we follow the ‘normal route’ past the now ruined Independencia hut built in 1951 at 6400m. From here we continue to Cresta del Viento (meaning Windy Ridge) and then across the upper part of the Gran Acarreo (meaning long haul) to the foot of the infamous ‘Canaleta’.
Probably the hardest section of our climb is the Canaleta, a 400m high, 33 degree chute filled with disagreeably loose racks, ice and snow that requires much care and determination. The Canaleta ends atop the Cresta del Guanaco (the Guanaco is a relative os the Llama) the ridge between the lower south summit with the higher North Summit, our ultimate goal at 6960m or 22,841ft. Our summit ascent normally takes 8 to 9 hrs. With all the Americas below us we have time to marvel at the incredible views before descending by the same route to ‘Camp 3’ making for a tough but immensly rewrding 12 to 15 hr day, B L D.

Day 17: Spare Day

Spare day for a second summit ascent if necessary due to poor weather conditions, B L D.

Day 18: Plaza de Mulas

Following the same route we descend to Plaza de Mulas base camp, where we repack our equipment for the mules to carry. Our descent should take around 5 to 6 hrs., B L D

Day 19: Puente del Inca

The mules go ahead with our equipment as we continue the last leg of our climb back to the park entrance where we are then transferred back to our comfortable hotel in Puente del Inca. Tonight we can fully appreciate our hotel as we relax and celebrate our climb, B D.

Day 20: Mendoza

We travel back to our hotel in Mendoza.
Tonight we once again have another chance to celebrate as we dine on in another of Mendoza’s fine restaurant, B D.

Day 21:End tour

Our tour finishes after breakfast with a transfer to the airport, B.